Want to lease a Dry or Wet Slip? Get on the call list here.

Well, Spring has finally sprung (if you haven’t already noticed all of the pollen – and the sneezing!).  Apart from the accustomed arrival of pollen, this time of the year also brings the fever-pitched activity of securing a boat slip.  While it is true that slip availability is extremely limited, here’s a few other facts:  first, we have more slips than any other marina in NC, so the odds are favorable that some slips will be available due to boats being sold, members moving out of the area, etc.  Second and arguably the most important, we want everyone to be a member of IWYC!

If you have not already been placed on our slip lease call list, please take a moment to click on the following link to email me, troy@inletwatch.com, the information below:

  • Your full name
  • Your phone number
  • Details about your boat (make/model, its length, motor type and if your boat requires accommodations for a fixed top (“t-top”)

If you have already contacted us about a slip, please don’t hesitate to reach out to me or our office again.  It is a busy time, but the fact does still remain that we want you here!    

Troy S. Moore
General Manager / Broker-In-Charge,
Inlet Watch Yacht Club, Inc.